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Welcome to Online Poker Blog, the web shrine containing the best collection of poker-related articles and room recommendations on the web. We have a little something of everything for amateurs, professionals, and hobbyists. Browse, read, join!

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Online Poker Blog strives to gather poker lovers from all around the globe in one place. Nothing would make us happier than to see you hit it big. Our tips and strategies are provided for that very purpose!

Undoubtedly, there are many poker articles boosting of being able to promote you to a poker pro within minutes. We know that is not possible, but what we also know is that if you advance step by step you will find courage and come up with the strategy that suits your style best. Therefore, let us start from the beginning: from basic gambling tips.

Gamblers’ rules

All gamblers agree that there are four crucial rules to be respected at all times. The first is defining your goals. It may sound easy, but it, in fact, calls for some skill. It is essential to be realistic here; if you fail at a proper assessment, you are certain to become disappointed sooner than you might have deemed possible. Ask your poker buddies for help if in doubt!

Secondly, choose your opponent type. Do you want to play against beginners, intermediate or pro poker players? Thirdly, define your budget. Always stick to it. Never borrow money or invest more than you can afford to lose. And finally, stop gambling if it’s not your day. If not sure when to stop, make it a rule to never lose over 10% of your initial investment. You will be able to win back that money after only one or two hands the next time you decide to play, so don’t worry. You’re on the safe track! And remember to never lose your temper! If you become emotional, you reasoning will be greatly affected.

Beginners’  poker tips

If you are a beginner, we at Online Poker Blog suggest that you should start by signing up at more online poker rooms, as all of them offer free deposit bonuses. Thus you will get to hone your skills without investing a penny, which will give you enough time to come up with the best strategy. When ready, you may easily deposit money and start playing for real. Note that money you win when using deposit bonuses are your gains: you get to keep both the pot- and the bonus money.

Poker variants are many, and if you don’t have a preferred one, we strongly suggest you should browse our article archive to familiarize yourself with the differences. The most popular poker variant is, without a doubt, Texas Hold ’em, but it also has several variant to choose from.

Online Poker Blog recommendations

An finally, choosing the best poker rooms is not something we allow our readers to be troubled with. At Online Poker Blog, you will find the best offer on the web: collected, selected, and tested by your humble virtual poker friends! All of our recommended sites are licensed and risk-free. Sign up now for the best poker experience on the wide web!